The impact of the financial crisis on the IT recruitment industry

The impact of the financial crisis on the IT recruitment industry itMatch Blog Post

Published: March 29, 2023 by Bartosz Toporkiewicz

Poland is considered one of the leading IT hubs in Central and Eastern Europe, with a well-developed IT sector and a growing number of tech startups. This has led to a high demand for IT professionals in the country, particularly in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, data science, and cloud computing.

According to various reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the IT recruitment market in Poland, as it has led to a shift towards remote work and increased demand for digital transformation solutions. 

In 2022 we experienced both turbulence and financial markets, as well as political changes that led us to experience the war in Ukraine. Despite the fact that technology is one of the fastest-growing fields of science these changes have had an incredible impact on hiring for international IT companies.

The impact can be complex and varied, depending on the severity of the crisis, the nature of the IT industry, and the specific skills and roles in demand. However, some potential effects of a financial crisis on IT recruitment include:

  • Reduced hiring: In times of financial crisis, many companies may tighten their budgets and reduce hiring across all departments, including IT. This can result in a slower pace of recruitment, fewer open positions, and more competition for available roles.
  • Increased demand for certain skills: Despite a general reduction in hiring, some areas of IT may experience increased demand during a financial crisis. For example, companies that are transitioning to remote work may require more IT infrastructure and support, while those that are investing in cost-saving technologies may seek experts in areas like automation and cloud computing.
  • Greater focus on cost-effectiveness: In a financial crisis, companies are often focused on reducing costs and improving efficiency. This can result in a greater emphasis on hiring IT professionals who can deliver results quickly and effectively, as well as an increased willingness to outsource certain IT functions to third-party providers.
  • More competition for top talent: When hiring does occur during a financial crisis, companies may find that top IT talent is in higher demand and may require more competitive salaries, benefits, and working conditions to attract and retain them.

Overall, the impact of a financial crisis on IT recruitment can be complex and depend on many factors. However, companies that are able to adapt to the changing landscape and make strategic hiring decisions may be better positioned to weather the crisis and emerge stronger.

This is a time as well to redefine the recruitment processes, organisational culture, employer branding and many areas that will prepare a company for building a sustainable competitive strategy for the coming years. One of the services itMatch offers is an audit of the above-mentioned areas.  Thanks to our experience of working with some of the largest and well-known IT companies on the market, we have the knowledge to advise on the best tailor-made solutions for your organisation. 

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