Recruiter and Team Leader Valentyna Martyniuk itMatch

We believe in true partnership with our clients.

Our goal is to build your organization by enhancing it with the best specialists to help you in achieve your business goals.

To be able to target the right people, we use a full spectrum of techniques, methods and recruitment tools. We have years of experience working with corporate global companies and startups in every phase of the recruitment process.

To fulfill your expectations, we apply different types of recruitment methods:

Ad hoc
Master Vendor
Mass Recruitment
Executive Search
Direct Search

Thanks to our vast database of candidates, we are able to address your recruitment needs in a timely manner and with attention to high-quality service.

Moreover, as experts in recruitment and knowing the complexity of the staffing market, we assist, support and advise you with all HR, staffing and branding strategies. We will build the most compound policies that will make your company the top employer in the job market.

Our success is measured by:

  • The number of clients who launched their enterprises in Poland with itMatch as their sole supplier
  • The long-lasting bond we build while cooperating with companies for which we recruit for
  • The number of clients acquired by word of mouth recommendations

As we are a recruitment boutique, we can afford to be flexible and to adjust our services to our clients’ needs and expectations while not losing quality and good practices in recruitment.

For more details please contact:

Bartosz Toporkiewicz itMatch CEO and Founder

Bartosz Toporkiewicz

CEO & Founder