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Are you a match, recruiter?

Join itMatch, a company with over 10 years of presence on the market. Find out what you are good at and develop skills in the area of your interest. Our recruiters can find here plenty of interesting activities capped in the 4 main career paths. Which one will be yours?



Our clients are the best IT companies on the market. On a daily basis we work with the most demanding hiring managers and we make sure that our recruiters have outstanding business skills and remarkable knowledge about the market. If you believe in the power of networking and you love meeting new people you may just find yourself in the very exciting journey of making sales without any cold calls!


Technical Recruiter

For those recruiters who like putting on the headphones and diving deep into the linkedin search - we prepared something special. A path that will let you grow in the structure but without leading a team. You don’t need to manage people, you will manage the candidates pipeline instead. Become a mentor for other recruiters, analyse data and design the process for our clients. Participate in sharing meetings where we discuss the most difficult IT recruitment case studies.



#Facebook, #Instagram, #Linkedin, #blog #video

Do you get excited when you see those words? Do you enjoy telling the stories through social media? If your answer is yes, we have something really special for you! With the correct induction and training you will eventually get the independence to create your own social media campaigns! Representing a company at conferences and events will allow you to also build the personal brand and differentiate you from other recruiters.


Team Leader

Becoming a team leader may be a really difficult step in your career. Together with our mentors we will help you assess the skill set needed for this development path and we will guide you through this wonderful process. If you have ever considered becoming a leader but you never knew how to start and you had no support, that’s the path for you! Thanks to special mentoring sessions you can prepare yourself for the challenges that are yet to come or discuss the difficult case studies that occur on a daily basis.

Recruitment Process

Every candidate goes through a similar recruitment process; whether you are interested in joining one of our RPO teams or the open market team. Meet with your future colleagues, have a chat with your future leader and find out, are you a match, recruiter? :)


Interview with the recruiter


practical conversation


competence conversation


employment offer

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We don’t have any recruitment processes opened at the moment, however we are always open to have a conversation with talented rcruiters. Send us your CV: