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Leading a successful professional service firm is an art. Running a profitable firm is a business. BigTime understands this because their founder ran an IT Consulting firm for over 15 years. He grappled with the same challenges that professional service firm owners face today.

How do they know what their employees are working on? How can they connect time and expenses to clients or projects for billing? What resources do they have available? How can they see relevant reports on the firm’s performance? The list goes on.

The problems their founder faced drove the development of a time billing software solution specific to the needs of professional service firms. They know that time tracking is more than timesheets. Time is information. They connect time with every part of the firm’s workflow so that all of the data collected with BigTime is the basis for metrics-driven reporting that informs their decisions. They live by their founder’s purpose - to help professional service firms combine the art of leadership with the business of being profitable.

Product Features: Super-easy time and expense tracking. Online timesheets. Invoicing. Project management. Reporting. Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Plus, integration with other productivity apps: G-suite, Slack, Zapier, Lacerte. Mobile app for iPhone and Android. Feature-rich product design scales as your business grows.

BigTime Software delivers real-time, metrics-driven time tracking, billing and project management for more than 2,700 professional firms, tracking over $8 billion (USD) worth of billable time each year.