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Codenotary is the leader for Trusted CI/CD, tamperproof SBOM, and artifact protection - at scale! With Codenotary Cloud®, you can find and remove unwanted artifacts in your DevOps in seconds. immudb, our innovative, lightweight, and high-speed immutable ledger database for systems and applications (, is the first Open Source offering of this kind today. With immudb, organizations can track changes to sensitive data in their transactional databases, such as bank, debit, or credit card transactions, and then record those changes permanently in a tamperproof way. This allows customers to keep an indelible history of such data, guaranteed by the same crypto-graphic verification as traditional distributed ledger solutions. At the core engine of Codenotary Cloud®, immudb enables immutable storage of SBOMs, easy to use, with cryptographic verification, processing millions of transactions a second.


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