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Flexiroam (ASX:FRX) started as a quest to push the boundaries of communications. Founded in 2011 by Jefrey Ong, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer, what began as a solution for travellers needing seamless mobile data at competitive rates has taken us so much further. Flexiroam has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) since June 2015. We provide connectivity across any communication device, in any part of the world for any application. Flexiroam is a superconnector for people and machines that need constant links to live, learn and leverage. We value honesty, transparency and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence. We recognize that the small things count and they all add up to make a difference. Our customers get our full attention and we keep pushing until we deliver the best solution possible. By joining our team, you are joining our mission to building a world class technology company that connects people and machines everywhere. Surround yourself with highly motivated and passionate people who have an insatiable appetite for global expansion and personal development.