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LoopMe, the leading outcomes-based platform, closes the loop on digital advertising. By leveraging AI to optimize media delivery in real-time, we drive measurable uplift for business outcomes and more effective advertising across online and offline marketing goals, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic and sales.LoopMe’s core business helps brands and agencies achieve better advertising results powered by our AI-platform and flagship product PurchaseLoop. LoopMe’s marketplace powers more effective supply and demand connections, rooted in programmatic delivery. LoopMe’s robust data and analytics measurement suite, including its proprietary household and device graph, brings deep insights to various companies within the advertising industry including podcasting, out-of-home, connected TV, mobile and more.

LoopMe was founded in 2012 with the mission to create better consumer experiences through innovation, powered by data, in order to bring people and brands together. With its roots in mobile in-app video and gaming, LoopMe is mobile-first by design and now has expanded to other screens including connected TV. The company is headquartered in the UK, with 15 global offices across New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Dnipro, Krakow and Hong Kong.