itMatch Member - Joanna Lutostańska

Joanna Lutostańska

Business Partner & Team Leader

8 years, 20 daysat itMatch

About Joanna Lutostańska

Hello everyone! My name is Joanna and I have worked my way up from Technical Recruiter to Team Leader & Business Partner in itMatch. I am currently focusing on building and developing a fantastic recruitment team and taking care of one of our clients. On a daily basis, I work closely with hiring managers, to know their needs as well as possible. I also help to build the culture of the organisation culture around recruitment. I try to ensure that recruitment has a human face and is data-driven. I have learned how to work under time pressure and be able to handle multi-tasking and manage priorities. Both my candidates and co-workers claim that I have strong communication and relationship-building skills. I’m definitely a team player but I also like and I'm able to work independently. I strongly believe in bringing high value. At work, I try hard to do my best. In my spare time, I’m an active person who loves sightseeing, swimming, skiing, and traveling all over the world. I'm a dog person who loves everything pink.