Why is itMatch better than other recruitment agencies?

Why is itMatch better than other recruitment agencies? itMatch Blog Post

Published: December 6, 2022 by itMatch

Why is itMatch better than other recruitment agencies?

If your company is opening a new department, assembling a team of solid employees who fit the company's profile is a huge challenge. Most recruitment agencies can do that on a satisfactory level, but do you really want to create something ordinary? We would certainly not! In this article, we have compiled 6 reasons why you should choose itMatch - probably the best recruitment agency in Poland.  

1. Experience

itMatch has existed for more than 10 years. During this time, we have managed to learn the local market, understand trends, and claim a solid partner status. In addition to recruiting, we are also involved in building entire departments, advising on labor law or employee benefits, for example. Our goal is to build long-term and effective partnerships with clients. 

2. Efficiency proven by data

We have perfected the agency recruitment process. The proof? 

  • 1331 hired specialists 
  • more than 50,000 personal profiles in our database 
  • 48 truly satisfied clients.

If you become one of them, there is a 96% chance that hired person will stay with you for more than 6 months. Our interviews last a minimum of 30 minutes but often more than an hour. This allows us to provide detailed information about the client and accurately match candidates by skills. Long interviews with candidates and comprehensive recruiting assistance ensure that you get people who really fit in. 

If you plan to hire a lot of professionals, our recruiters will prove to be essential! Every week we contact over 3200 potential candidates. We reach out to a range of talented people, promoting our clients even to those who at the moment choose not to work with us. Diverse pool of candidates allows us to select people with a high level of specialization and great competence. 

itmatch statistics
itmatch statistics

3. Soft skills

Not everything we do can be described by numbers. After all, our success is based on cooperation with people! We are proud that our advice on building data driven recruitment processes, precise branding and accurate matching of employees bring results. All new clients find us on their own or come to us by recommendation. Everyone who cooperates with us feels that itMatch is doing more than just IT recruiting.

4. Partnership

The thing that makes us different from recruiter agencies is our individual approach to every client. Instead of providing template solutions, we create customized ones. That’s how we match skills and expectations to the company's profile so that our partners only hire people who really suit the organization’s culture, vision and mission. We take the logistics out of our clients' hands as we introduce candidates to the hiring process. Cooperation with itMatch has a strong partnership character, thanks to which many clients come back to us.

When participating in recruitment projects, itMatch is guided by several important values:


5. Different clients, mutual satisfaction

Among recruitment agencies, we are distinguished by our flexibility. We work with corporate companies as well as with small start-ups and scale-ups. Our largest clients Qualtrics, Ocado and Remitly have hired hundreds of people thanks to us, but we also serve startups that have hired only a few IT experts.

itMatch is headquartered in Krakow, but we also recruit in other parts of Poland. We have been building Ocado's Wroclaw branch from scratch for many years. No matter where you want to set up an office, we will match you with the real specialists!

6. Our crew

Experienced recruiters are an important part of our strategy. More than 50% of our staff has been with itMatch for more than 3 years. With vast recruitment knowledge, years of practice and hundreds of interviews, our people know the IT job market and its challenges very well. In addition, our clients are assured that onsite recruiters will take care of your company from the beginning to the end of the entire process. We are professional and very proactive, and joint problem solving is efficient. 

itmatch people
itmatch people






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