Tools in the IT recruiter's work

Tools in the IT recruiter's work itMatch Blog Post

Published: December 19, 2022 by itMatch

Tools in the IT recruiter's work

The work of an IT recruiter, like many others, is based on modern tools and technologies. Of course, we have no influence on everything, after all, we work with people, and they are, as a rule, independent of us. However, there is something that we are very much responsible for - productivity and quality of work. In this article you will find 8 useful tools that you will appreciate no matter what your experience and skills are.


Recruiters job involves contact with people who specialize in specific fields. In practice, no one has knowledge of every technology used, and this creates the need for us to constantly search for information on the Internet. A tool that definitely speeds up this process is GlossaryTech. This plug-in explains the terms displayed on the screen based on a database of 1,500 headwords.

GlossaryTech is completely free, all you have to do is register.


Contacting people of many nationalities, English is being used for most of the time. Even if you have high language skills, you can't avoid making mistakes when writing to dozens of candidates every day. Using Grammarly, you may be able to increase the conversion rate of your leads, and this will result in better job performance.

The program has a free version and is available as a plug-in for many programs and messengers, including Linkedin. 


This is another tool for writing in foreign languages. Currently, Deepl is, in our opinion, the best text translation software. An IT recruiter obviously needs to be fluent in English, which doesn't change the fact that using a translator allows you to respond faster, enrich your language and keep your texts grammatically correct. However, it is worth remembering that even the best translation programs make mistakes, so you need to read everything they generate.

The basic DeepL plan is free to use, but it introduces some limitations. If your company opts for the Pro version, there will be, among other things, the ability to choose between informal and formal tone and glossaries.


Not surprisingly, recruiters schedule dozens of interviews with candidates. To avoid the endless exchange of messages, you can use Calendly. With this tool you can, among other things, schedule team meetings, as well as create simple forms and surveys about the availability of individuals on a given day.

Calendly is definitely worth its price, and less demanding users can use the free version. The main differences between the plans are the possibility of wider personalization and more people you can interact with if you decide to subscribe.


Reviewing dozens of profiles every day is quite a tiring part of an IT recruiter's job, so it is worthwhile to enhance the process. It also happens that a particular specialist meets all the requirements set for him, but at the moment is not interested in cooperation. To avoid checking the same people several times, you can use WhenX. Among other things, you will appreciate this tool during an X-Ray search, because WhenX allows you to make notes next to given links, mark the status of a candidate and create reminders for contacting a given specialist.

WhenX is available for free, but the limited range of capabilities leads most users to opt for paid plans. If you value your time, it's definitely worth to purchase, because WhenX is a revolution in the organization of recruitment processes.

Highlight This

A plug-in so good that it should be the default feature of every browser! Highlight This, as the name suggests, is used to highlight the words we choose. Are you looking for candidates who will work on a B2B basis, are only interested in remote work or were in a senior position? No problem, just create the right directory! Further modifying the keyword list won't be a problem either, as it literally requires a few clicks. This plug-in will be appreciated by all recruiters who had to struggle through tons of unnecessary information during their searches.

Highlight This is fully free to use, and supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


This is another plug-in that makes it easier to analyze candidates. Using OctoHR, you can check what kind of projects the specialist you are verifying has created and what programming languages he or she has used in doing so. In addition, your work will also be facilitated by the repositories filter, which will allow you to eliminate specific groups or select certain technologies. Also, we have to appreciate the function of showing email addresses and social media links, because it makes contacting a candidate much quicker.

OctoHR is fully free and you can add it to your browser in the Chrome Web Store.

Probably every person in our industry does X-Ray search. To improve recruitment, it's a good idea to use command generators instead of creating them manually. There are many tools available, but from our own experience we can recommend you It's an easy to use site that allows you to generate a relevant query to Google. Among the sites supported by this tool are LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. While it's a good idea to do the research yourself to be sure, in a large proportion of cases the commands generated by Recruitin will allow you to find hundreds of results.

Recruitin is free and doesn't even require registration.

The list we have created is highly subjective in nature. Every recruiter has an individual approach or habits that affect the tools and techniques used. Keep in mind, especially at the beginning of your career, that it is worth trying new solutions and regularly updating your knowledge, especially that you can find dozens of useful tools on the Internet. This will make your productivity even higher! 

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