DevOps Engineer
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DevOps Engineer
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Ocado Technology

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We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join the Ocado Technology team based in Wrocław, Poland.


DevOps Engineer


So, you’re passionate about software delivery and running it in production. You’re skilled in software development but the infrastructure and operations have little secrets for you. You know perfectly well that the code can run it for you. You hate waking up at 2am to production failures and that’s why you have monitors for everything, and enough failover or self-healing setup so you can deal with it in the morning. You’re fine with rolling out code all the time because if anything unexpected happens, you have it covered and automated. You love to work with development teams and make sure that the tools they are using run fast and reliably. The ‘Continuous Delivery’ by Jez Humble & David Farley is your professional Bible.

Day to day work

Great, we’re looking for people like you who can help us build and operate infrastructures for software development and delivery. People who are technical experts and get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space.

Skills and Competences

●       Take care of our software development tools (source code repos, issue tracker, artifact repos, code review tool, code analysis tool), scale their capacity, fail-proof them.

●       Recommend, design & implement our build- and deployment systems, environment and infrastructure.

●       Measure everything, improving every possible aspect of development ecosystems, specifically addressing Time to Detect, Time to Respond, feedback delay.

●       Improve our continuous deployment process, getting changes rolled out faster and with confidence. Automate every error prone process.

●       Improve our configuration management so our systems can be restored from versioned configurations in an automated way.

●       Help Dev teams have their systems properly monitored and integrated to alerting systems.

●       Tune our systems to get maximum performance and bang for our buck.

●       Lead, coach and grow our DevOps practice by bridging development, Ops and QA.

●       Become and stay an expert in current and emerging technologies and tools.

●       Contribute to Open Source solutions and communities we use wherever you can.


Skills and Competences:


●       Make things work and get things done.

●       Love to leave things better than you found them.

●       Really know CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI, etc), config management (ansible, puppet) and VCS tools (git, mercurial, svn)

●       Love to automate anything you’ve done more than twice.

●       Can’t go to sleep if the system going to prod is not graphed.

●       Can write a bash one-liner for anything, but know when not to.

●       Are happy with virtualisation, fluent in Linux, knowledgeable in security, familiar with Docker

●       Are fluent in at least one dynamic language (python, ruby, etc)

●       Can’t go to sleep knowing your tests or monitors are failing.

●       Love to learn new things and can do so quickly.

●       You don’t just use the code, you contribute

●       Are a great communicator, not at all like the stereotypical geek.

●       Love agile/lean development and delivering code.

●       Really know about scalable infrastructure

●       Know the pros and cons of all the technology trends in your field.

●       Ran production services in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud) and know where it’s awesome and where it hurts

●       Make excellent informed decisions and know when to ask for advice

●       Know your way around the entire stack, you just prefer DevOps.

●       Have a great sense of humour


  • Permanent Contract
  • Multi Sport Card
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life assurance
  • Lunch Vouchers
  • Training and Development opportunities

Ocado Equal Opportunities:

Ocado are an equal opportunities employer and as such make every effort to ensure that all potential employees are treated fairly and equally, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, disability or union membership status.

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