Software Front-end/Full-stack Engineer – New Initiatives Team
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Software Front-end/Full-stack Engineer – New Initiatives Team
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Are you looking to grow, own meaningful projects, and work in a compelling problem space?


At Remitly, we help immigrant communities around the world send over $6 billion a year to their loved ones. Sending money is faster, easier, and costs less with our all-digital money transfer platform. Our vision is to transform the lives of immigrants and their families by providing the most trusted financial service products on the planet.

At Remitly, your work has a direct and positive impact on people around the globe.

Your work matters, every day.


The New Initiatives team is a startup within Remitly. We recently formed to build new and innovative products for immigrants and their families. The team is intensely customer-focused and comprised primarily of start-up veterans. We get the incredibly fun and challenging job of starting things from scratch. It’s all the best parts of an early-stage startup accelerated by the assets and competitive advantage of Remitly. There is high team cohesion, focus, and mission. New things are learned and shared daily, creating a dynamic environment of rapid adaptation.


Software Front-end Engineer/Fullstack Engineer

We’re looking for someone with a very high emotional intelligence (or EQ) that LOVES shipping code and building products that customers use. You get antsy if you haven’t shipped code and spoken directly with customers in a couple of weeks. You understand the basics of how consumers use products, know what questions to ask customers, and how to get them to share their experiences with you.  You make people feel valued and are comfortable working across cultures and socio-economic classes. You are able to hear what’s not being said and identify the unspoken customer and business needs.


You are an engineer who understands what it takes to build a product that solves a problem. You are comfortable with ambiguous requirements and working full-stack. You know how to work with designers and engineers to build products and prioritize. You have the courage and tenacity to say no to anything but critical items. You are good at recruiting other builders.


As an engineer on the team, you’ll work in a modern TypeScript/React, Java and Go codebases to deliver features across Android, iOS and the web. You’ll execute against a backlog of features designed to improve our product in new and innovative ways. You’ll partner with a passionate team of engineers, product managers, and designers dedicated to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs. You should be comfortable in a dynamic environment and capable of handling ambiguity. Most of all, you should care deeply about continuously improving our customers’ experiences.


Primary responsibilities:


  • You’ll deliver product features and bug fixes continuously, with a focus on quality and customer value.
  • You’ll contribute up and down the stack, building new features and debugging live product issues.
  • You’ll expand our core product with new experiences that improve how we onboard customers and protect their accounts.
  • You’ll participate in the ideation, technical design, and grooming of new features with a data-driven and customer-centric viewpoint.
  • You’ll collaborate with other developers, product managers, designers, and analysts in Seattle to build great product experiences.
  • You’ll add to the shared patterns and combined knowledge of our product engineering teams.




  • 3+ years of building consumer software products
  • Ability to distil broad ideas into product concepts
  • A solid understanding of software development practices, design patterns and CS concepts
  • Proven track record of shipping code (side projects, open-source, anything counts)
  • Comfortable building, shipping, and maintaining services and systems on AWS
  • Expertise in one or more general-purpose languages like Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Python, or Ruby
  • Impatience with figuring things out and a hunger for things to always be better
  • Ability to wireframe and build lo-fi mockups using sketch, photoshop, chrome dev tools etc.
  • Excellent verbal communication


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