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Software Engineer
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We make Space useful for everyone

At Orbify, we believe the Earth Observation, Earth imaging from Space, has astounding potential for solving many of the currently pressing problems (like optimising agriculture and renewable energy production, and protecting endangered species and areas). Unfortunately, this has long remained untapped due to lack of proper tooling.

In order to address this problem we decided to build our no-code platform, giving innovators and creators the freedom to focus on the core of their product without worrying about generating boilerplate code, common components and web interface; data acquisition or computing infrastructure. One can think about it as a one-stop shop for building professional Earth Observation solutions.

You bring your world-changing idea, we make it reality.

Problems to Solve

As a Software Engineer you will:

  • Design and build our platform from scratch (no tech debt, product debt, path-dependency/vendor lock-in),
  • Create frontend APIs, services and systems across the entire Orbify platform,
  • Use async Python and React (unless we decide to add new technologies to the stack),
  • Run your code on Kubernetes at AWS (unless…),
  • Work with engineers across the company to build new features at large-scale,
  • Create and improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.

How we Work

  • We focus on solving actual problems of our users and customers,
  • We are a startup, we are not afraid of changing the product direction or technologies we use,
  • We give ourselves freedom to make decisions quickly, because we take ownership and responsibility for them,
  • We build our product in an iterative way, move fast and learn from our mistakes,
  • We are distributed across Europe, although we find it valuable to meet in person from time to time,
  • We use Notion, Linear, Slack and Gmail for communication.

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