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Business Stream:NexHealth

Staff Python Engineer

About NexHealth

Our healthcare system is frustratingly analog. When you live in a world of one-tap car rides, meal delivery, and unlimited streaming, why do you have to call to schedule an appointment with a doctor and are still handed a clipboard to fill in a form? NexHealth’s mission is to accelerate innovation in healthcare. We’re doing this by connecting patients, doctors, and developers. We’re the first to fully automate the integration with health record systems, paving the way for a new generation of disruptive health-tech companies


Here's some of what we've accomplished:

  1. $125M Series C at $1B valuation
  2. Manage more than 38 million patient records
  3. 100%+ annual revenue growth
  4. Top 10% of Inc. 5000 (2022)

Engineering at NexHealth

NexHealth is building an engineering team in Cracow and we are looking for some of the first engineers to be key team members in its expansion. In this role, you’ll be a key driver in building the core platform that powers all of NexHealth’s products and technology. We’re looking for someone who is highly experienced in developing software, driving projects to completion, and working well with international teams. 

You’ll be working very closely with our US-based teams to bring our systems to life and travel to the US is expected. Success in this role will enable NexHealth to scale its engineering operations to better serve its customers and their patients. Additionally, it will help to establish a strong engineering culture in our soon-to-be offices in Krakow. 


To be the founding member of the Synchronizer team in Poland, and build the Synchronizer culture in Poland as it scales to 15+ engineers.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Building the platform that powers our Integrations with Medical Electronic Health Record Systems(EHRs) as well as integrations into new EHRs in new medical fields
  • Helping build, and then leading a team of engineers in Poland to autonomously own and drive improvements in our platform as well as the construction and refinement of new EHR integrations
  • Helping build and improve our proprietary web scraping platform that’s used to reliability sync hundreds of millions of patient records

What You Will Bring To The Table:


  • Ability to be able to learn quickly, identify gaps in knowledge, and respond effectively to feedback in order to thrive in a role that’s going to be expanding and changing quickly.
  • Be able to talk about how we’re going to accomplish something, not why we can’t do it. Able to think in first principles to solve the specific problems unique to our use case.
  • Experience mentoring other engineers, being a culture carrier, and working autonomously within an international engineering organization


  • Deep Technical Background: You have the technical background to deeply understand scaling problems for a high-growth, high-visibility technical product.
  • Proficiency in Python
  • 10-12 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Manager, or equivalent.

Preferred but not required:

  • Experience working in a high-growth or startup environment
  • Experience working with concurrency and Coroutines in Python
  • Experience working with the Trio Library in Python
  • Experience with AWS and/or Kubernetes
  • Experience with web scraping
  • Experience building on-premises agents that live in customer environments
  • Experience working with SF management, but should be able to work autonomously day to day
  • Experience in Distributed Systems or Data Engineering