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Hey, I'm Kinga and I started my adventure in IT recruitment 6 years ago. During this time I have recruited developers, managers, product stakeholders, engineering directors, DevOps, and cloud engineers. I had the opportunity to work with small startups, large corporations, and product companies. From each collaboration, I draw valuable conclusions and lessons for the future. At Shiftkey I am involved in market mapping, the e2e process, and advising hiring managers on best practices. While working at Ocado Technology I provided candidates with niche skills (cloud, security, DevOps), and took care of EB by attending local meetups and conferences. At Remitly I mainly worked with foreign hiring managers, so I was mainly providing them with information on the local market and challenges. I improved and created new processes for candidates, monitoring candidate experience in the meantime. At Zilch I learned how to work under time pressure and stress, I also gained knowledge of the beneficial language and effective communication, building a team of 10 to 16 people in a few months.

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How to adapt to the changing reality as a recruiter? Post Image itMatch

How to adapt to the changing reality as a recruiter?

March 9, 2023 by @Kinga Grudzień

If you feel that the world around you changes way too fast, you're probably wondering what to do about it. Progress can be seen literally everywhere - in the media, in our homes and in our industry as well. But what can you actually do about it? How can you adapt to the changes that are coming and occurring faster and faster?