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My name is Klaudia I have been working at IT Match since 2020, however, my journey with the recruitment industry began in 2014. I am a highly motivated business professional with experience in talent acquisition & client relations management. I believe in teamwork and can-do attitude. Currently, I hold the position of Team Leader & Business Partner and I am responsible for the on-site recruitment team. Together we are doing our best to find top talents on the market. Moreover, I am Business Partner with active listening and communication skills which enable me to understand clients’ needs. When I am not working I spent my time with my 5-year-old baby girl, who loves to run and exercise even more than I do.

Written Blog posts

Salary ranges in tech job offers under the microscope Post Image itMatch

Salary ranges in tech job offers under the microscope

January 25, 2024 by @Klaudia Orynek

Everyone knows that nothing stirs up as much discussion as politics and money. As a specialized recruitment agency, we have no intention of covering the first of these topics, but we thought it was worth taking a look at finances, and more specifically, salary disclosure in the technology industry. Should salary ranges be given already in the job posting? If not, why not?