Ola Kanczak

Life is all about making choices, right? So far I had a chance to make a few of them and I know for sure that ordering cheese fondue in Zurich was not the perfect choice for me ;) However, adding “IT” to the recruitment I have already worked in – this choice felt right from the beginning! That’s why currently I’m learning how to speak your IT language.

Let me make your seeking for the new job as pleasant as going for a cup of coffee with your friend. Using my psychological education I maintain professionalism of the recruitment process while adding human factor to it. So why don’t we talk about your needs and find the best workplace for you?

To recharge and keep my mind clear, I go to the mountains, cook vegetarian food and jog in the forest. I love the feeling when I scratch off a new place from my map after coming home from another trip, ready to start planning the next one! I dream about returning to the national parks on the west coast of the USA and exploring South America one day.